We can import

The paths to importing a vehicle or image parts can look different with us.

Import and sales have long been our main business. That's where our whole story started.

Roads to import

We have a car that is on its way from the USA. We convey information through pictures to the buyer. Writes a contract on the car, and you as the buyer have the first "thing" on it, until you get to see the car in reality. Should the car not meet the expectations built up through the pictures - the money goes back to you.
You find a car on a site in the USA Now you need someone who can take care of it all - from purchasing to transporting the car home. So, a complete solution. A little more expensive, but you as a buyer should feel safe throughout the whole transaction/ We will write a purchase agreement with you, you will receive a final price for the car, when the car is in Sweden (However, you will be bound to the purchase, that is, should the car not meet expectations , then we take no responsibility when you have found the car yourself).
You have found a car, bought it, and now you need an address in the USA where you can leave your car, so it comes to Säter, Dalarna. You get a price Per request! So, this is a pure shipping service. You buy the car and take care of everything, except the import part itself. We will fix it.
We love filling the container with car parts. So do our customers. If you have parts that you want home, get in touch. You order directly to our address, and we add as you go.

If you need help with importing vehicles or parts, you can use this form or call us on +46 225 – 501 13

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