Everything from parts

In the paint box, we have 1-2 staff working. From partial refinishing to large full refinishing. (We work against insurance companies such as Bilsport MC/ Moderna)

For full painting

Of course, we adapt to your wishes. Motorcycle, truck and boats, etc. The products we use come from Barkmans paint, which works with Sikkens. Materials that we feel safe with
Benny and Jimmy's father John, started with car paint. This is in the blood. In the 80s and 90s, Benny painted cars for all kinds of exhibitions. Today, we produce HIGH quality of the paint jobs that we perform. We are incredibly self-critical and don't let go of anything we're not happy with. We like to design and paint, for example, different graphics, stripes, flames and its various wishes on your vehicle. Ang. price, it is always difficult to set. We work continuously, with many reconciliations and direct communication with the customer.