We take care of servicing and repairing your enthusiast car


We carry out everything from minor work to complete renovations according to your wishes 

Car electrics

We have extensive experience in replacing, repairing and troubleshooting electrical systems, including conversion from 6V to 12V


We renovate both parts and entire vehicles

Sheet metal damage

Repair of existing panels or manufacture of new sheet metal parts


We take care of registration inspections after rebuilding or typing in vehicles

Call Us

0225 - 501 13

We help you create the car of your dreams

We carry out everything from minor service work, on newer cars and pickups to major rebuilds on renovations. We have sheet metal artists and skilled electricians who solve most of your electrical problems and accessories. Or just want a different design change on your ride and we will help you with that, lowering?

Steven, Benny and Jimmy have rebuilt several cars in their spare time and have a solid knowledge. And great experience.

We are here for all kinds of wishes.