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Welcome to us! Since 1991, we have been on the market, as a limited company.​
The story of Järudd's Bil began already in the 70s when the company was started around one person, Benny Järudd's, great passion, American cars. In the beginning, everything revolved around classic cars and so-called nostalgia cars, and the passion found expression in the cars being rebuilt and modified, modernized and improved.

Enthusiast cars as a market area have grown strongly in the last decade and one of several reasons is the media interest created around the segment.
TV shows such as "Fast and Loud", "Chase Classic Cars", "Wheeler Dealers", "Graveyard cars" and "Kindin Customs" are just a few of the TV shows that have received high ratings globally and are followed every week by millions of enthusiasts who themselves want help in making their dreams come true. And the concept is clear. Old, renovated cars with modern technology.

In 2017, we imported 120 cars, all older than 1970. Today, our customers are a mix of people who want to buy ready-made cars, rebuilt cars or renovation objects that they can work on in their spare time.

Summit Racing

We are a dealer of Summit Racing.

Everything is flown home. If it is in stock "over there", it is in Sweden, as a rule, within a week.

Mail info@jarudd.se - the article numbers you are interested in, and we will get back to you with prices, delivered in Sweden!

Buy & Import

We often have a stock of cars, see above "sale cars". Are you thinking of buying and importing from the USA but feel unsure. We have the knowledge and complete solutions for imports.

Service & Restoration

If you have a car you want to service or refurbish, we have the knowledge and the parts.


On our YouTube channel you can follow our restorations and constructions.

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